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Covid-19/Coronavirus Update

Our Liveable Streets programme team are following Government advice and are currently working remotely, work is continuing as planned on the projects and the team will adhere to all guidelines set out by the Government.

The programme is available for comment and feedback, so please get in touch with the team via or phone us on 0203 092 0401

We will update the website with any changes to the programme and hope you will continue to help us improve the look and feel of your neighbourhood.

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The consultation is now closed, thank you to everyone who participated.

Please keep an eye on the Tower Hamlets website for updates.

Liveable Streets is a multi-million pound borough-wide street and public space improvement programme. It aims to improve the look and feel of public spaces in neighbourhoods across the borough and make it easier, safer, and more convenient to get around by foot, bike and public transport.

We’ve listened to your concerns on issues including:

• Excessive vehicle speeds and cut-through traffic
• Unattractive and unsafe areas to walk and cycle
• Poor walking routes and lack of safe crossings

What’s happened so far?

During the early engagement period, from 24 July to 31 August 2019, we heard from you about the issues in the Barkantine area. You gave us your feedback through an online survey, interactive map and drop-in sessions. We have also engaged with One Housing Group and Barkantine Management Team to understand the issues and suggestions you have brought to their attention.

We have developed a number of proposals based on all the feedback received which aim to address the issues and suggestions raised.

What is being proposed and why are these proposals important?

Following the workshops in October, where attendees helped to develop practical ways to implement the feedback from the wider Barkantine community, five main schemes have been developed. These will improve the area for walking and cycling, create better public spaces, discourage through-traffic and improve air quality. Other improvements such as better street lighting, tree planting and cycling facilities are also considered. Please see our report from these workshops here.

We want to make Barkantine an even better place to live, work and visit. The Liveable Streets proposals are designed to improve air quality, road safety and the environment. They aim to improve public space to make the area more attractive, safer and easier to get around on foot or bike. The plans are intended to make a real difference to the way we travel and encourage a safer environment for all.

The designs have been discussed with local emergency services who have given their support for the proposals.

Please click here to see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

See the map below for an overview of the proposed Schemes. Please click to see larger image – this will open in a new window.


Click on the coloured Scheme buttons below and scroll down to look at the detailed proposals for each area.

School Initiatives

Strafford Street and Alpha Grove

Tiller Road and Mellish Street

Byng Street and Cuba Street

The Quarterdeck

Complementary Measures

School Initiatives

One in three car trips in the borough are shorter than 1.2 miles and are often made during school drop off and pick up times. We want to improve the safety for those walking and cycling outside schools by promoting a change of travel behaviour.

Outside Seven Mills Primary School in Malabar Street we are proposing to:

· Widen the pavement by reducing the road width, thereby limiting the opportunity to park outside the school gates
· Plant trees and greenery to improve air quality
· Install a pedestrian crossing at the junction of Alpha Grove
· Install cycle parking within the school

See below for proposed plan for Scheme 1. Please click to see larger image – this will open in a new window.





Strafford Street and Alpha Grove


“Drivers speed down Alpha Grove from Tiller Road junction and the other way”

There are several narrow pinch points on roads across the Barkantine area which creates conflicts for vehicles heading in different directions leading to arguments between drivers. In order to resolve this, we are proposing to make:

• Strafford Street and Alpha Grove one-way southbound to the junction with Mellish Street
• Cheval Street one-way northbound
• Janet Street one-way eastbound

There have been concerns raised over the speed of vehicles in these streets and the safety of motorists and pedestrians. Therefore, we have identified and proposed a series of traffic calming measures to reduce vehicle speeds and improve crossing points for pedestrians. For an artist’s impression of the scheme, see the image at the top of the page.

See below for proposed plan for Scheme 2. Please click to see larger image – this will open in a new window.


Making streets one-way gives us the opportunity to widen pavements, improve crossing points and plant new trees.

The junction of Strafford Street and Alpha Grove is a key walking route through the area. A one-way system on these streets will allow us to create wider pavements with a flat surface across the road, add new planting, better street lighting and upgrade the existing play area. Similar changes are proposed at the corner of Cheval Street and Janet Street with a one-way system in place.

See below for proposed plan for Scheme 2. Please click to see larger image – this will open in a new window.


Tiller Road and Mellish Street

Cycle friendly road humps are proposed in both Tiller Road and Mellish Street to slow vehicle speeds. We are proposing to make both roads to the east of Alpha Grove one-way with traffic calming measures at the junction of Mellish Street and Alpha Grove.

We will be improving the public space around the entrance to Millharbour to include a raised surface, wider pavements and more greenery. In addition, the footway along Tiller Road near Westferry Road will be widened and improved.

See below for proposed plan for Scheme 3. Please click to see larger image – this will open in a new window.


Byng Street and Cuba Street

Byng Street forms part of a key walking and cycling link between the residential areas in Barkantine and the DLR Stations. It is a busy road with over 2,400 vehicles using it every day, making it difficult to cross. The narrow nature of Byng Street and high volumes of through-traffic increases road danger and the risk of collisions.

To improve public safety, we are proposing to make Byng Street, between Mastmaker Road and Manilla Street, accessible to pedestrians and cyclists only.

As part of the proposals there will be streetscape improvements including:

• New trees and planters
• Relocation of the existing crossing on Manilla Street junction
• Cycle parking facilities at the junction of Mastmaker Road

To create a safer walking route into Canary Wharf and the DLR stations we are proposing a new pedestrian crossing on Marsh Wall close to the junction with Mastmaker Road.


We will be making the remainder of Byng Street and Manilla Street one-way to ensure traffic runs smoothly. This will enable us to narrow the entry point from Westferry Road. These changes will make it safer for pedestrians crossing Manilla Street.


We are aware of the close proximity of this closure to Millwall Fire Station on Westferry Road. As with all emergency services, we have spoken to them about these plans and Byng Street will be designed to allow access during an emergency.

See below for proposed plan for Scheme 4. Please click to see larger image – this will open in a new window.



The proposed closure on Cuba Street will improve access for cyclists to the Thames Path. The road closure will be located between the junctions of Westferry Road and Tobago Street.

This closure will also reduce the potential for HGVs to turn into this road when making deliveries or trying to turn around.


In the closed area we propose to create new public space with:

• New street planting and seating within a pocket park
• Cycle parking facilities
• Removing the bollards along Cuba Street

We will need to remove the parking spaces in Cuba Street and relocate them in Tobago Street to create the new public space.

See below for proposed plan for Scheme 4. Please click to see larger image – this will open in a new window.


The Quarterdeck

Additional traffic calming is proposed on the Quarterdeck to reduce speeds. Traffic calming will stretch across the width of the road and create a flat surface between pavements to improve crossing points. It is also proposed to make the Quarterdeck one-way southbound.

See below for proposed plan for Scheme 5. Please click to see larger image – this will open in a new window.


Complementary Measures

A number of maintenance issues and small local improvements have been brought to our attention by residents. As part of the scheme we are pleased to be able to address a number of these issues.


Some areas have already been improved with new LED street lighting, however we are pleased to be working with One Housing Group to extend this into Millwall Dock Road, the Quarterdeck and other public spaces.


We will be adding more cycle parking across the area, including secure hubs for residential use and cycle stands throughout the area.


We are investigating the introduction of further CCTV in the area to help monitor and detect crime and anti-social behaviour.

Have your say

We hope that you like the proposals and understand how they have been designed in order to benefit those who live in and visit Barkantine. It is important that you have the opportunity to have your say so that we can best reflect how the local community would like to see their area improved.

The consultation survey closed on Wednesday 19 February 2020. Thank you to everyone who filled in the online survey and came to speak with us at one of our drop-in events.

You can still contact is by email if you have any questions: