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The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is proposing improvements to Maroon Street pocket park to make it more accessible and enjoyable for residents and visitors to the area. On this page you will find details of the existing space, our plans for improvement and a survey with an opportunity to provide feedback or suggestions for improvement.

Our consultation runs from 17 February – 8 March 2020. To take part, please complete the survey below or visit us at our drop-in session listed below.

Drop-in Session:

Wednesday 26 February, 4:30 – 6:30pm
Harford Street Café, Ground Floor, 115 Harford Street, E1 4FG

What does the site look like now?

What changes are we proposing?

What does the site look like now?

Maroon Street pocket park is a small green space located at the eastern end of Maroon Street by Regent’s Canal. At present, the pocket park has a large amount of vegetation close to the water and is visually separated from the canal.

Birdseye view – click to see larger image in new window

The area is currently used for unsanctioned parking making it no longer accessible for public use as an enjoyable open space.

Current view of the area – click to see larger image in new window

Tower Hamlets is planning to redevelop the site, converting it into a useable space for all. Click on ‘The Proposal’ above to find out more.

What changes are we proposing?

The Pocket Park is intended to be a place for residents of all ages to enjoy and make use of. We are seeking to redefine the space and improve safety by creating a new, enjoyable space for all.

This space will have a sunken viewing platform along the edge of the canal, opening up the view to make it visible to visitors and passers-by, as well as residents overlooking the space. We also plan to add in some benches and seating steps. This will have a positive impact on local residents by providing a small garden to sit and enjoy the canal views as well as providing open space for children to play. We plan to increase the variety of plants and add new trees which will provide shade, and support wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle. The planting and trees will also soften the space by creating a natural connection from the pocket park to the canal. To keep our proposal simple, there is only the most minimal changes to the existing Maroon Street roadway and parking bays.

The scheme is defined by a viewing platform, with seating along the edge to connect the space to the canal.

Visualisation of the proposal – click to see larger image in new window

The Pocket Park will play an important role as a new meeting space for local residents. We recognise the need for parking spaces and aim to minimise the impact on number of bays.

Visualisation of the proposal – click to see larger image in new window

Trees frame the viewing platform and provide shade close to the benches. A variety of planting increases biodiversity and brings colour into the design.

Visualisation of the proposal – click to see larger image in new window

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Thank you for your interest in Tower Hamlet’s Maroon Street project.

We hope you could take the time to complete the survey and let us know what you think.

If you need assistance completing the survey please phone us on 0203 092 0401. If you have any questions, please email or call us on the above number.

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